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Expertise: Follicular Absorption

Absorption through skin follicles. Follicles have a minor barrier function compared with skin surface allowing a greater absorption of active ingredients, reaching deeper skin levels. Our formulas with Deliverytrans®: Fillertrans® & HSP-Like® technologies boost follicular absorption.

Applications: Anti-Aging line with Absorbable Fillers

For the first time a cosmetic line uses the same Fillers that are injected in aesthetic medicine. Follicular absorption allow these Fillers to penetrate into deeper skin layers. Each of our products uses the most convenient Filler according to its performance.

Results: A never reached before anti-agency

The combination of Follicular absorption and Filler materials multiply the antiaging efficacy and the speed of results

Results after a month on 50 years old volunteers:
Total Wrinkle surface: -40%
Improvement in Skin appearence: +44%
Anti-dark circles: -24%, Antiwrinkle: -22%, Anti-puffiness: -25%